About the Journal

The IASSIST Quarterly at https://iassistquarterly.com is a peer-reviewed, indexed, open access quarterly publication of articles dealing with social science information and data services, including relevant societal, legal, and ethical issues. Online ISSN: 2331-4141.

The IASSIST Quarterly represents an international cooperative effort on the part of individuals managing, operating, or using machine-readable data archives, data libraries, and data services. The IASSIST Quarterly reports on activities related to the production, acquisition, preservation, processing, distribution, and use of machine-readable data carried out by its members and others in the international social science community. Your contributions and suggestions for topics of interest are welcomed. The views set forth by authors of articles contained in this publication are not necessarily those of IASSIST. 

Information for Authors
The Quarterly is normally published four times per year.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers through upload on the IASSIST Quarterly website as Word files. See more on For Authors.

For further information contact the editor: Karsten Boye Rasmussen, email: kbr@sam.sdu.dk.